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Sunday School - All Classes Meet Campus Wide at 9:30 a.m.

God created us as relational beings (Genesis 1:26-27). We need each other! The Christian life is not something we can or should do by ourselves. Unfortunately, we can become lost in the crowd at church. We attend worship services faithfully, but we never get connected to other believers, and therefore, never get connected to God like we should. We at BBC believe that interaction and accountability with other believers are key components of our spiritual growth. With this belief in mind, we each need our Adult Sunday School.

It is our desire to allow those who have the gift of teaching to exercise their gift and to develop themselves within this local body.  There are other expectations beside teaching for one to lead an Adult Sunday school class such as caring, follow-up, etc....  In addition to the expectations, there are additional concerns about the character possessed by those who stand before God's people to minister the Word of God.  It is for this reason that we conduct a short questionnaire which will be viewed by someone on the pastoral staff.  We believe the teacher is also called to shepherd the flock (Ephesians 4:11), and that this calling carries with it a most sobering accountability (James 3:1).  Please prayerfully consider your desire to lead God's people in any facet.

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Class Demographic Class Name Location Teacher
HS Senior and up Berean Bible Education Building 111 Pastor Sean
Ladies (All Ages) Growing in Christ Education Building 103 Jennifer Jefferson
Ladies (55+) Sandra Byrd Ladies Administration Building 128 Florence Thompson
Young Married Couple Conquerers Education Building 107 Jack Farmer
Young Married Couples Foundations Administration Building 128 Nate Torberson
Couples (All Ages) Light Bearers Administration Building 130 Jeff Woosley/Sam Beach
General (All Ages) Readers Education Building 108 Pastor Jonathan Andrews
General (All Ages) Carolina Christians Fellowship Center Marcus Franzen/Jeff King
General (All Ages) Chapel Class Chapel Dr. Steven Wilson
General (All Ages) Cup Bearers Administration Building 129 Don Adams
Coed - 55+ Crown Class Administration Building 113 James Battie
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