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Berean's Missions Program

Berean stands unapologetically for the sovereignty of God in the salvation of the nations. We are but grateful instruments in His plan to win His "elect" from among all people groups before His return (Mat 24:14; Mat 28:19-20; 2 Tim 2:10; Rev 5:9-10). With monthly support to 16 missionary families and organizations, Berean gives 12% of the entire regular income of the church to these missionaries and special missions projects. Our missionaries visit us upon each furlough and we are grateful to host them and inquire of their current needs while attending their latest updates in an evening service. 

We believe the best way to describe our relationship to our missionaries is to call them our "Global Partners in Proclaiming Christ."  For more information on the missions ministry, please contact Pastor David McManus at 910/868-5156, ext. 1113 or email him by clicking here

Due to sending out our own missionaries, we will not be hosting any more prospective missions partners in 2017.


Church Member Missions Trip Application and follow the direction at the bottom of the page. The primary means by which Berean staffs its short-term missions trips is through Sunday School Classes who adopt a Berean missionary and then visit their missionary. Participation is, therefore, normally limited to the members of that class. Members, then, who wish to take part in a missions trip should be careful to be a vital part of an adult or youth Sunday School class.

2015 Projects

Barcelona Spain
July 11-19

Seven Bereans traveled to Barcelona, Spain in July 2015 to minister to the Scott and Melissa Newton family and the Iglesia Bíblica Evangélica (Bible Evangelical Church) of Ripollet. This church plant in a suburb of Barcelona was started by the Newtons in 2014 and has seen tremendous growth in its first year. During the course of the trip the team completed two projects in the church building, replacing cabinets in the kitchen and creating Bible verse art to decorate the sanctuary and the pastor’s office. Members of the team contributed to the children’s ministry, led the adult Bible study, and participated in publicizing the church’s new Friday night youth Bible study. Friday night of the trip marked the launch of the youth ministry, and the Berean members enjoyed participating in the table tennis and foosball competition with local teens.

In conjunction with the trip, the group purchased a ping pong table and foosball table for the youth ministry and Sunday School materials for the children’s ministry. The ladies enjoyed spoiling Melissa and the girls with some ladies’ outings and a spa activity, and also ministered by watching the children and helping with housework so that the Scott and Melissa could enjoy a date night away from the kids. While the purpose of the trip was to be a blessing to this partner ministry, the Berean team members agree that the trip was as as much a blessing to the team as it was to those to whom they went to minister. 

Sucre, Bolivia
March 9-19

Four Bereans went to visit Luke and Jessica Marie and their three precious daughters. The team was able to meet their contacts, minister in their church, observe their ministry, experience the culture, be with children in the orphanage, evangelize, canvass, build a pulpit, and enjoy hours of fellowship with the Maries.

2014 Projects

Barcelona, Spain
July 12-18

In July, Berean sent Nate and Reyna Torberson from the Foundation Sunday school Class to visit the Newtons in Barcelona, Spain. On this first trip to visit the Newtons since they arrived on the field in the summer of 2013, the goal was to refresh and encourage them as they transition from full-time language training to starting their church plant. In conjunction with the trip, the Foundation Class held a baby shower for the Newton’s new baby boy and sent gifts for the older children and parents as well. While in Spain, the team enjoyed doing a small remodeling project in the storefront that will house the new church plant and cared for the Newton’s three children so Scott and Melissa could enjoy an overnight getaway. They also attended a service at the small church that the Newtons have been attending since they arrived where they got to speak Spanish with the locals and also try to pick up some of the locally-spoken Catalán language. Of course, they also did some local sight-seeing, including visiting an ancient castle and the iconic Columbus statue at the Port of Barcelona. The team is already planning for a return trip to Barcelona in 2015 to help with some outreach programs to support the new church plant.

Togo, West Africa
June 4-13

From June 4-3, 2014, Berean sent a diverse missions team of ten members to Togo, Africa to support our missionaries, Jonathan and Heidi Huff.  This was the second consecutive year that we were able to serve alongside the Huffs, and it was amazing to see the progress that they have made over that time.  Another class graduated from the Bible Institute Jon helped establish, and Pastor David was given the honor again this year of preaching at the ceremony.  They were able to not only worship with our Togolese brothers and sisters in Christ, but they participated in a baby dedication, the Lord’s Supper, and they  were able to witness many new converts to Christ receive believer’s baptism.  Following the baptism, the team was able to see a young woman destroy her idol and truly embrace her Lord and Savior!  Probably the most tangible thing in the Huff’s ministry for the members back here at Berean is the completion of the orphanage that was little more than foundation when they visited last year.  The building is complete; it looks amazing; and it is such a blessing to think of all the young boys and girls that will soon be running around the grounds and being given the love of Christ within the walls.  Even the trees last year's team planted had grown exponentially!  Please continue to pray for the orphanage, as there is much red tape to be traversed before children can be brought in.  The team shared the gospel in the local village and was also able to minister to and pray with children and parents in the pediatric wing of the hospital in Kara.  The team was also able to experience Africa in local markets, by climbing a mountain close to the Huff’s house, and visiting a waterfall.  It was a trip to remember for our team members, and it was another confirmation of the awesome work being done in Togo in the Lord’s name by Jon and Heidi.

June 15-26

Our team spent eight days in fast-paced Bangkok, Thailand. Our time was concentrated on two things: help distribute literature to help the Basshams start a church there and receive an education in Buddhism. Trying to get native Thai people to take literature was complicated because we were using hastily learned Thai to get them to take the literature. The literature included the Gospel and free English lessons. Learning English is important to most Thai people, and therefore it is used as a means to preach the Gospel and build relationships. While we there, we spent several days learning about Thai Buddhism. This is a selfish religion that is based on gaining merit through various good deeds. They do this with very little hope of any nirvana. If it took Buddha a million lives, how long will it take the average Thai to gain Buddhism’s false hope of salvation? This false belief leads them into a godless eternity and their city desperately needs to be immersed in the Gospel. 

2013 Project

Berean Baptist Church sent a 7-person team to Togo, West Africa in June 2013 to serve our missionaries Jonathan and Heidi Huff.  The trip included many opportunities for service in ministry, including time at the two church plants the Huffs have established in Togo.  The team helped paint the walls of the newer church plant and was privileged to worship at the Huff's first plant in the village of Tchandida.  Pastor David preached at their Sunday morning service, and Brother Mike Germany taught the children during the Sunday School hour.  They were also privileged to witness many baptisms of new believers that morning.

The team also helped do some landscaping at the new orphanage being constructed on the land beside their Bible Institute. Trees were planted, rocks were moved, and bricks were made for early construction.  Finally, it was a blessing to attend the Bible Institute graduation, where they witnessed several men following the Lord's call into ministry. Pastor David preached at the graduation (after a driving rainstorm--par for the course in Africa!), and the graduation party afterwards was another great time with our Togolese brothers and sisters in Christ.  They were even given the opportunity to taste dog, which one of the brothers prepared especially for the occasion!  Overall, it was an amazing trip where they were given opportunities to see the beauty of creation in Togo and the need for the gospel in a place that exhibits clearly all that is take for granted here in the US. Jonathan and Heidi (and their beautiful girls) are certainly working on behalf of Christ in Togo and making a difference for the kingdom of God.  It was an honor to serve alongside them in their field!

2012 Projects


A team of five went to Brockton Massachusetts to serve Grace. In the Rahns’ house, they gutted the kitchen, took down walls, replaced paneling in the kitchen with sheetrock, rebuilt walls, and built a pantry around their bathroom extending it by a couple of feet.

They began work on Grace Kids resources and Sunday School curriculum,
relocated Grace Church to a Historical Lutheran Church in downtown Brockton.  They also made the stand for Grace Church’s new sign, and wrapped 1,000 granola bars with invitations to Grace Church’s new location & the gospel message—giving them out downtown. Lastly, they served a meal to around 60 people before their Thursday Bible study.

The Crossfire Youth Group sent a team of 16 to minister in Honduras from May 26 to June 2, 2012.  Based out of Comayagua, the team experienced a week of service, ministry, and interaction with the people of Honduras.  We attended church services at six different churches, which gave us the unique opportunity to worship and pray with followers of Christ in an entirely new setting and environment.  The churches varied in style and presentation, but love for the Lord was evident everywhere we went. Our students sang songs (in both Spanish and English!) and gave testimonies at each church, and were always well-received.  Throughout the week we partnered with churches to provide feeding programs and clothing drives in underprivileged areas.  Schools opened their doors to us as well, and in addition to some great social interaction with students (they humbled our students on the soccer field!), the gospel was always presented.  In addition, our students were afforded the amazing opportunity to evangelize a very poor village in Comayagua.  Not only were we able to share the gospel with these people, but we were able to stand in their shoes for a moment, witness their crowded and unbelievable living conditions, and pray specifically for their needs.  We visited hospitals and the “Homes of Hope” orphanage, and we did our best to share the love of Christ with the children that were there. 

2011 Projects

The Senior Class of BBA 2011 went to spread the gospel,
feed villages and orphanages, and sing and play with
the many children they came across during the trip.



While in Santo Domingo De Macoris, the Crossfire missions team assisted in the renovations for a new Christian School. 
This new building will allow Las Palmas Collegio to expand from their current enrollment of 92 to 165 students.  While there, the team also learned, what it means to be dedicated to a specific mission in service to our Savior, selfless in their living and intentional in their lifestyle.

2010 Projects

The Crossfire youth group went to the Dominican Republic with the intent to provide assistance to Berean partners while providing for the less fortunate and exposing Bereans to the lives of real missionaries in their host environments--gaining valuable experience in ministry.

The Senior Class of BBA also went to the Dominican Republic to spread the gospel, feed villages and orphanages, and sing and play with the many children they came across during the trip.

2009 Project


On April 13, 17 Bereans went to Lima, Peru to help finish construction on a new church building near the town of Canette. Fayetteville missionaries, Richard & Yousi Price,
with Wells of Living Water ministry and Berean member,
Paul Revis, began work on the project in March.
Our missions team joined them to help complete the building and hold the first service in the new structure.


2008 Project

In February of 2008, a missions team of Bereans returned to the Dominican Republic to continue work on the perimeter wall for the boy's home in San Pedro.

For special projects in 2008, we were able to help purchase a good, used vehicle for our missionary in the Ukraine, a piece of land for a new village church in Vietnam, a full-color printing press for a church in Cuba, and help with shipping a drilling machine to Lima, Peru.

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