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Music Ministry

Sanctuary Choir

If you look at Psalm 150, everyone gets involved in a variety of ways.
That’s exactly what the Choir and Orchestra ministry at Berean is all about.We believe in the multitude principle.

We want as many as possible to join in worship with us each Sunday.

Victory Orchestra

“I heard an old old story How the Savior came from Glory…” Victory in Jesus

~ Eugene Monroe Bartlett 1939

Everything we do and say, including the way we worship together, should reflect the fact that we have “Victory in Jesus.” Without His willing provision, there would be only one way for us to give the glory back to the Father… His wrath on us forever. Jesus’ example of surrender to the Father’s will, and the fact that we can now have a restored relationship with the Father is all the reason we need to praise Him with all of our might for all of our days. We don’t believe that this endeavor of praise is limited only to those pursuing a life of music. We believe it’s for all who claim the Lord as their Savior, Priest, and King.

Stylistically we strive to:

  • Praise God with new songs of meaning as well as honor and not forget the great songs of our Baptist and Protestant heritage.
  • Praise Him with all of the instruments and voices He has given us at our local body.
  • Balance the corporate worship time so that many believers can contribute and be inspired to sing and play to the glory of God.
  • Avoid extreme use of any style whether it is contemporary-pop or ultra-traditional: the only thing we are extreme about is Jesus.

Musically our goal is to:

  • Build a large choir which sings in four parts and leads the congregation in song.
  • Accompany the corporate worship and music of inspiration with the wide dynamic range of a full orchestra.
  • Continually develop our musical skills for God’s glory and use in His church.
  • Teach others to sing and play with quality.

Precept Players – Student Orchestra

David encouraged musicians to pursue their craft of praise to God. Psalm 33:3 says we should play skillfully. The Bible also says "precept upon precept and line upon line" is how we learn. We want every instrumentalist to flourish at their current level of experience, as well as progress in a uniform fashion. That is why we have developed a group just for those who are learning the basics of playing their instruments. Young and old can benefit from a selection of music that is fun to play but aides in the developmental process just like being a part of a concert band. This group gets a chance every quarter to perform for the church in a safe environment that will encourage them.

Student Led Worship and Choir

Paul encouraged Timothy to "Let no man despise thy youth." We believe that Jr. High and Sr. High students can also learn to lead the way when it comes to worship; so each month the students at Berean do just that. Although many students participate regularly in our corporate worship, every third Sunday night, they do everything! They lead us in worship, participate as ushers and greeters, and provide drama and special music.

Children’s Choirs and Musicals

Children are a great inspiration to everyone because they naturally love to worship God in song. They are a joy to work with because they posses a God-given ability to learn quickly. Even more, they are very hard to discourage because they simply believe that doing the impossible for God is possible. We have graded music choirs available for every child from 1st through the 6th grade. Twice a month, they meet to prepare for monthly church-wide performances and an annual children’s musical. What a blessing these precious young voices are to us all.

Seasonal Dramas and Concerts

If drama is your thing, then we have a place for you. We know that some of you just love to act and perform. Drama can be a powerful tool, and we want to praise God with meaningful dramas that encourage us to live in the the light of Eternity and His Word. Come use your talents by acting in seasonal dramas and other live sketches to reinforce spiritual Biblical truths.

Audio and Video Support

Visit the media page for more information about this ministry.

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